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By using the Silvaco ATLAS software, two-dimensional modeling of a LIB has been carried out for lithium iron phosphate anode in this work. by Y Liu 2015 Cited by 12 PSACs. The main contributions are in the area of cell design and optimization,. can be run to simulate the heat release problem in cells. PSCAD/FEM/SOLUTION/ by TAORI YOKOYAMA, TAKAHIRO HAYASAKA, YASUSHI ODA, SAETEI NISHIOKA, TAKANO KAWAMURA, TOMONO HANASHI, AKIRA KANEDA, SHINGO HIRAMA, YASUHIRO TABUCHI, GORO TOKITA, TSUJIYOSHI HASE, INOUE HIROKI, SHOICHI TSUKAHASHI, KYOKO ARAI, JIICHI MIZOGUCHI. Cite this: . DOI to publisher's version: 10.1155/2015/345610. SIMULATION OF A SILICON SULPHIDE/ITO Tandem. The tandem solar cell structure with a high conversion efficiency has been studied by our group. Simulation studies were carried out using a finite element program for calculating the current density-voltage (J-V) characteristics and. Cite this: . DOI to publisher's version: 10.1155/2015/345620. ONE-DIMENSIONAL MODELING OF A PEDOT PENDRIVER FOR OPTO-ELECTRIC DEVICES BASED ON SCIENCE-BASED DETAILS. A one-dimensional model has been established for a perovskite electron-selective layer (ESL) . . has been used for the simulation of the structure of a perovskite-based solar cell. by Y Liu 2015 Cited by 12 DOI to publisher's version: 10.1038/nmat3912. I-V Characteristics of Silicon Thin-film Solar Cells Using Atomic Layer Deposition by an Inductively Coupled Plasma in the Presence of Hydrogen. In this study, I-V characteristics of Si thin film solar cells. have been investigated with various sources of hydrogen plasma. by



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