Stephen Jackson Talks George Floyd on "The Rematch"

By Ashley Martin

The Rematch with Etan Thomas recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Stephen Jackson. Jackson is an activist, former NBA player, hosts a successful podcast All the Smoke, and close friend of George Floyd. He sparked up the country to express their outrage over the murder of childhood friend George Floyd, and helped lead the largest protest in history.

Jackson informs The Rematch that Floyd’s family is doing well and that his daughter Gianna has been in high spirits from the outpour of love. Jackson broke the news on The Rematch that Kyrie Irving recently purchased Floyd’s family a house. The story was then featured on sites like ESPN, Sports Center, TMZ, The Bleacher, The Shade Room, and many other sites. He also states that Lil Wayne, Lil Baby and Barbara Streisand also made generous donations to the family.

Jackson went down to Minnesota after Floyd’s death to prevent his childhood friend’s name from being tarnished. “I wanted to go down there so they wouldn’t demean my brother’s name. That’s the first thing they do when they murder one of us and try to make it look valid. I wanted to go down there and let the world know who he was. 9 out of 10 times when these people are getting killed they don’t have a celebrity to speak up for them,” tells Jackson.

It was there that Jackson discovered his true calling, making a difference in communities that need it most. “I inherited being the voice of so many people that’s been brutalized by police or racism and never got justice. Because it was a celebrity basketball player that everybody knew and a lot of people respected and loved, all 18 countries and 50 states got behind me, the biggest protest at one time in the history of protests. The fact that that happened I dropped to my knees because I never knew God would make my life that important. Its way more important than basketball because it’s changing lives,” says Jackson. Jackson went on to visit all 50 states most impoverished areas to provide some of the needs of the community as well as resources to help work towards better lives.

Jackson understands the struggle that Floyd and many other young black men from similar areas face. “The area he grew up in, it took him under like it does a lot of young black men that don’t have the resources to get out and do better things,” says Jackson about Floyd. Floyd moved from Houston to Minnesota to turn his life around and was taking steps forward before he was murdered by police.

Jackson plans to continue his work in the black community and thanks god for showing him his calling. He also plans to continue ensuring that Floyd’s daughter and family are well taken care of. “I’m just continuing to do what I said I was going to do. I said I was going to be my brother’s keeper and help take care of his daughter and make sure her next days are her best days,” says Jackson.

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