Daz Dillinger of The Dogg Pound Gives Exclusives on West Coast Rap Culture

Legendary rapper Daz Dillinger recently sat down with Etan Thomas on The Rematch. Daz Dillinger is a Hip Hop legend, producer and author. Daz talks Death Row history, upcoming projects, current events, and drops some exclusive news with The Rematch.

Daz came on the Hip Hop scene in 1991. He was signed to Death Row Records until he left the label in 1998 and has since put out independent projects. Daz and Kurupt were signed to Death Row as solo artist but quickly created the dynamic duo known as Tha Dogg Pound. They released their debut album “Dog Food” under Death Row Records in 1995. At the height of its empire Death Row was pulling in $100 million a year and had signed major west coast rappers such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac.

Daz recollects when he first entered the rap industry and had to fight for credentials and recognition. “We were fighting to get our name out there. It was Dr. Dre, we didn’t really know about publishing. We were new to the game,” recalls Daz. “We were getting the money but not the credit. Later on when you start getting older you start getting wiser towards what you’re doing. You start asking questions and that’s when they had to give in, because everything was going to Dre.”

Recently on an interview with The Breakfast Club Snoop Dogg, who is Daz’s first cousin, stated that Eminem is not one of his top 10 rappers of all-time and that he could do without Eminem’s music. Eminem was offended and dissed Snoop on “Zeus”, a track from his new album. Daz says Eminem’s “feelings were hurt.” He also states that Snoop and Eminem’s differences date back many years when Snoop gave Eminem a beat for his album, but didn’t return the favor with a feature for Snoop’s album when asked. Daz exclusively reveals to The Rematch that Eminem and Snoop Dogg recently ended their differences. “The situation has already been resolved because Dr. Dre was in the hospital. So everybody deaded all the beef and we came together for Dr. Dre. Everybody went to the zoom, because Dre had this hospital thing where he zoomed everybody. Eminem and Snoop were on the zoom with Dr. Dre in the hospital. Dr. Dre is the one who deaded all this,” says Daz. With Dr. Dre’s health uncertain the two wanted to keep good energy around during his recovery.

Daz reminisces with Thomas on past relationships and beefs. He recalls on meeting Master P, who he says showed him and Snoop a lot of love. “P was riding for us because we were riding for ourselves. You can’t ride for nobody else if they can’t ride for themselves,” says Daz. Master P helped to get Snoop out of his record deal with Death Row and Daz later was able to get himself out.

Daz also talks about past beefs with artist like Xzibit and Uncle Luke. During the interview he also breaks down some of the issues that occurred between Snoop and Tupac, which he feels was fueled by Suge Knight. Daz also details an altercation his crew had with Biggie during a video shoot in New York.

Thomas and Daz converse briefly on politics and Covid-19. When asked about the Ice Cube and Trump meeting Daz says, “Cube is my homeboy and I understand what he was talking about. What’s in it for us, to both Biden and Trump?” He feels the black vote helped get Biden in office and that he and his administration have two years to show the black community why they voted him in office.

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