Making Coco Official Trailer

Making Coco is the story of Fuhr’s life, on and off the ice. Grant Fuhr was the first black superstar in hockey. He won 403 regular season NHL games and is a member of the 2003 class of the Hockey Hall of Fame.


Paris Blues In Harlem Trailer

Paris Blues in Harlem is the story of a young woman and her attempts to save her grandfather’s failing Harlem jazz club. She has mere hours to convince her rigid elder to accept a realtor’s briefcase with mounds of cash in exchange for his nightclub. But, as time runs out, he struggles to let go. With only a few seconds left, she is faced with a choice between legacy and money.

Sizzle trailer For Tattoo Life

Think Twice Little Gangster News

Tattoo Life is a docuseries that takes an unprecedented look on tattoos and the reasons why people get them.  Gil Rios created the concept in 2013 as a hobby but decided to re-launch the series with the help of his partner Sandra Dieudonne.

Girls Like Me Trailer

A woman's poetic video diary journey speaks of trauma, abuse...then enlightenment.

The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo Trailer

Story of Oscar Zeta Acosta Human Activist

I AM SHAKESPEARE (The Henry Green Story)

I AM SHAKESPEARE (Documentary Film) poignantly chronicles the turbulent life of a young man living in an impoverished inner-city community and his remarkable return from death.  COMING SOON!

Black Suns: An Astrophysics Adventure Trailer